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This Week in Palestine, 27 Feb 2014, "The Yasser Barakat Collection of Palestinian Embroidery Preserving Palestine's Heritage and Art." Read article >

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Fashion Embroidery & Stitch (United Kingdom): 20 March 2014, "Embroidering a Life: Palestinian Embroidery - An Exhibition showcasing rare embroidery pieces from the private collection of Yasser Barakat, revealing the beauty and depth of Palestine's heritage." Read about the event > 



06 March 2014 Published in News & Events

We are excited to announce that we will be presenting "Embroidering a Life: Palestinian Embroidery," a show that will showcase rare pieces from Yasser Barakat's private collection. 


From the ICHF website: "Yasser, a native Jerusalemite, started collecting Palestinian costume when he was just 19 years old and has amassed a huge and beautiful collection. Up until today, Yasser still looks for and buys old and unique Palestinian textiles and art wherever he can find it. Yasser realised, many years ago, how the Palestinian heritage, especially embroidery, were being lost and neglected, so he developed a studio and worked towards safeguarding it. Each dress has a story, and Yasser can spend hours explaining the meaning behind each piece, what village it came from and what it is all about."

We look forward to meeting new friends in the UK, and we thank Pat Archibald, Gillian Travis, and Janette Purdie for their involvement and efforts with "A Palestinian Journey."

Read more about the event >