Carpet Fixing and Cleaning

We provide a door-to-door carpet fixing and cleaning service. We repair a variety of handmade carpets, which is done by specialists from Persia and Turkey. Such repairs include: fringe repairs and additions; repairing holes; colour repair; and edge banding. We also repair and add carpet pads and carpet pockets. The gallery takes careful consideration of the type of material and specific technique that should be used in working on each piece.

Specialised Weaving Services

The gallery works with specialised weavers that have many years of experience in carpet restoration. These weavers are Palestinians and Persians and they have the knowledge necessary for producing a variety of weaving techniques. They have the capability of restoring all kinds of handmade carpets and can restore fringes, add new fringes and restore carpets with holes or moth damage. The weavers also specialise in colour repair by integrating new materials to bring the vibrant colour back to the carpets and integrate edged banding into the work.

Embroidery Repair and Restoration

We offer cleaning, thread assembling and replacement, and the mounting of embroidery pieces on cushions, runners and wall hangings. Old embroidery pieces are artfully mounted on silk or cotton for display and decorative purposes. The gallery’s unique accessibility to old raw material, a strong supply chain and long history of work in the business gives us an edge in providing the best quality and most diverse range of products for our customers.

Metalwork Repair and Cleaning

The gallery offers repair and cleaning services of silver, copper and brace work, which includes: assembling; amending; reattaching; hole closing; hook adding; and cleaning any oxidisation, rust spots, metal darkness, and fading. The gallery uses unique materials and utilises specific machinery to restore metalwork. Today, it is difficult to find someone who specialises in the cleaning of old metalwork and the gallery is one of the best providers of this service.

Pottery Restoration 

The Art of Pottery and ceramics has been known is Jerusalem for the past centuries. Yasser Barakat Gallery museum quality restoration service for ceramics and pottery work. The fees depend on the condition of piece and amount of time needed for restoration. Please feel free to contact us for valuation and consultation. 


Every item from our gallery can be sent door-to-door using a variety of carriers such Fedex, EMS and UPS. Our services include collection, packing, insurance and shipping.

Other Services

We also offer a variety of additional services and can repair print colouring and paintings (oil and water colouring). We offer framing services, mother of pearl inlaid repairs, maps and print restoration, and jewellery repair and cleaning. Anything the gallery offers can be repaired, restored and improved by the gallery.